Daltex only uses industry recommendeed cleaners. Those specified by your carpet manufacture.

Daltex takes the old age traditions and conveniences of modern technology, to ensure your atmost satisfaction. The Daltex Guarantee..

Pet Odor Treatments

We all love the family pet, even though they can be the carpets worst enemy. When mistakes happen it's time to call Daltex, to neutralize the damage that will occur if left untreated.

In some cases a simple cleaning process may be all that is needed. In severe cases where the urine has soaked through carpet into the padding beneath, we address each layer of the problem.

Daltex's Stain Cleaning Tips

Maintaining a spot free carpet is made much easier if it has been treated with a high quality fabric protector. No carpet, however, is stain proof. Many conditions can cause permanent discoloration of carpet fiber. Among these are the dye in some food and beverages, bleaches, acids and caustic solutions found in every day cleaning products. Pet urine and even household dust (especially dust filtration stains along the walls) can, over time, permanently discolor your carpet.

Act fast!

Take immediate steps to remove spots. The longer a spot remains on the carpet the more likely it is to become a permanent stain.

For Best Results

Prompt attention to spots and spills is often the difference between spots easily removed and permanent stains. If your carpet has been treated with a protective fiber treatment it should respond effectively to simple spot cleaning procedures. You'll be amazed out how easy spot removal can be when you closely follow the simple steps outline in this spot removal guide. read more...

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